Antar Naad Meditation for the Full Moon

A Sacred Kundalini Yoga Celestial Communication Practice for Grounding, Protection and Prosperity

This is a special Kundalini Yoga Celestial Communication meditation for the Full Moon. The full moon is gifted at illuminating what is out of alignment so that you can see it, feel it, heal it and move forward. It helps to have tools to stay open as well as grounded during the full moon.

This meditation is a key to opening the flowing energy of consciousness, the flow of Kundalini. The new awareness will give you the authority to make the right choices to conquer the ugliness of life. You will be peaceful and secure.

Connect with our certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teachers for a personal guided practice of the Antar Naad Meditation.

Meditation Details & Instructions:

Antar means “essence” and Naad means “sacred sound”.

These sounds create the essence of any sacred sound:

Sa ray sa sa
Sa ray sa sa
Sa ray sa sa Sarung
Har ray har har
Har ray har har
Har ray har har Harung

Sa is the Infinite, the element of ether, beyond everything, the origin, the beginning.

Har is the creativity of the earth. It has the power of manifestation, the tangible, the personal.

Weaving these words together creates the beautiful effect of infinite and finite together.

When we finish with “ung” – sarung or harung it means bringing into fruition, manifestation, bringing peace and prosperity.

The mudra we use is putting hands flat together at navel point.  As the mantra starts with sa ray sa sa bring the palms up the front of the body and open in lotus mudra at the brow point at Sarung (base of palms are together/ little fingertips and thumbtips touch, rest of fingers are spread open).

As the mantra Har ray har har begins turn the fingers to point down with back of hands touching. Slowly bring this mudra down the chakras to reach navel point at Harung.

Then turn the fingers around and begin again.

This mudra opens the chakras for the full effect of any other mantra. It is a sensitizing meditation for the impact of the inner sound current. It is the base of all mantras. The original practice of mastery in mantra required that you master this before any other mantra practice.  This meditation was practiced by yogis before any other mantra practice to gain mastery over the spoken word.

This meditation gives you mastery over your own identity through the power of sound, It gives new power to your words, the power of projection. It is said that anyone who practices this meditation is granted prosperity, creativity, and protection against attacks or any negativity that comes your way, you are protected.

TO END: Inhale, suspend your breath, pull a slight mulbandh, root lock, raising the energy up your spine.  Exhale.

Inhale deeply again pulling a slight root lock, raising the energy up your spine and focus your eyes at the third eye point, feeling the sounds still vibrating throughout your being.  Exhale.

Inhale again one last time, suspend your breath, inhale a little more, pull root lock and imagine yourself completely in totality, every cell of your body vibrating with these sacred sounds and with the essence of life.  Exhale.