Sunday August 16th @ 5pm PST

New Moon Yoga Women’s Circle Workshop

The upcoming new moon in Leo forms a positive angle to go-getter Mars in fellow fire sign Aries, making it a powerful moment for setting intentions and making moves.

Sunday’s Virtual Women’s Circle will connect us together in a Yoga & Meditation practice in line with this New Moon energy of creativity and positive action.

Women throughout history have gathered during the New Moon to support and empower one another in a journey of releasing what no longer serves us and moving forward with power & intention.

Take the opportunity to create connection in a safe and sacred environment, to tune into your own feminine strength and intuition and create an energetic web of support, nourishment, and healing for yourself and women everywhere.

Join Yoga Teachers Paulina Salinas & Melissa Akal LIVE via Zoom or Replay Video to cultivate your inner strength through Yoga movements and find that empowered place within you during these times of transformation.

Included in this New Moon Workshop:

💎  Mantra Sound Yoga to connect with your Intuition

💎  Yoga Warmups, Movement & Stretching

💎  Kriya (set of exercises) for Emotional Balance & Opening the Heart 

💎  Magic Mantra Meditation for Reversing Negativity & Removing Obstacles

💎  Sound Healing Crystal Bowl Relaxation

💎  Community Support & Connection

All levels welcome.  Recommended: Yoga Mat, Bolster/Cushion, Blanket, Water, Journal

Step 1: Register with your Donation

(Preferably via Venmo @Melissa-Akal otherwise Paypal link below. Please keep in mind your donation will be split between two teachers.)

Step 2: Enter your email below to receive Live Video call & Replay details

Suggested Donation $20-$30  

(Email for financial assistance options) 

A recorded replay link will be available in case you can’t attend live OR want to utilize the movements again in your home practice.

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Enjoy your practice!  Sat Nam.

Full Moon Yoga Workshop – July 5

Yoga to Strengthen the Nervous System

When the level of uncertainty and fear in our world increases, our nervous systems can really be tested!

It’s never been a better time to build a stable foundation, prioritize self-care, circulate fresh oxygen, connect deeper with your soul and bring the mind into meditative ease.

Join us for a set of exercises to alleviate systemic tension, reduce stress, soothe and strengthen the Nervous System + a Healing Meditation for Revitalizing the Body & Mind through Breathwork.

New Moon Women’s Circle Workshop – June 18

Yoga for Reproductive Organs, Healthy Spine and Strong Nervous System

Through movement and breath, we will work on our creative center given that it is has a natural connection to our ability to express our truth.

Together we will join in a virtual circle to ground, clear stuck energy, and attract prosperity into our life through a practice a special set of exercises and meditation specifically for women.

This set includes postures to balance our hormones, flush fresh blood through our reproductive organs, and ease symptoms of PCOS. Exercises like these keep us young, vital, and radiant with life so we can maintain courage and grace in the face of adversity.

Program your psyche for success and courage, uplift your spirits, create an aura of invincibility, and a super-strong radiant body so that as empowered women we can move through these times of overwhelm and uncertainty with grace and hope.

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga Workshop – June 4

Yoga for a Better Endocrine System (Happy Hormones)

This yoga set balances the body by tuning up the glandular (endocrine) system. The glands of our body produce chemical transmitters–hormones which relay information with a rhythmic pulsing that communicates to other glands, the nervous system, the brain and regulate many essential bodily processes. Ultimately, when our glandular system functions at its best, we have the ability to feel deep relaxation and experience strong immunity. Most importantly our glands allow us to bond with other humans, connect deeply with all creatures, visualize possibilities beyond our time and space, and receive the guidance we need through intuition. 

New Moon Women’s Circle Workshop – May 21

Yoga to Relax and Release Fear & Meditation for Increased Intuition

Experience this set of exercises to Relax and Release Fear (working on the kidneys and liver, releasing toxins and rejuvenating the spleen, removing tension from the neck and purifying the blood)
+ Meditation for Nurturing Intuition (balancing our pituitary gland to counteract frustration, depression, and computer sickness)
+ Sound Healing Crystal Bowl Relaxation

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga Workshop – May 7

 Yoga to Remove Body Blocks


Experience a set of exercises to remove body blocks by releasing tension from the inner organs, nerves, and glands, and creating internal biochemistry of calm, inner balance, and depth of self.

With Kundalini Yoga and the practices of breath and meditation that come with it, we can change old stress response patterns and increase our capacity to form and maintain healthy new response patterns.

New Moon Women’s Circle – April 21

Yoga for Disease Resistance: Strengthen your Immune System and Rejuvenate the Brain & Nervous System

The New Moon brings receptivity and new potential. Women throughout history have gathered during this time to support and empower one another in a journey of deep introspection.
Tune into your own feminine strength and intuition with Mantra Sound Yoga.

Experience a set of exercises to Strengthen your Immune System and Rejuvenate the Brain & Nervous System.

Finish with a Guided Meditation to drop fears and tune in with what we want to manifest in this life.

Shavasana features a Sound Healing Crystal Bowl Relaxation to integrate & rejuvenate.

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga Workshop – April 7

Yoga to Experience Your Own Strength

During a full moon, there is a different pressure on our glandular system… while this has the potential to make us feel restless, angry, confused, and all sorts of shaken… this pressure can be ALSO used to accelerate healing on all levels!

Take this opportunity to reflect, cleanse, release, and reconnect with your deeper consciousness as we practice a yoga movement set to “Experience your own Strength” followed by Shavasana relaxation with Symphonic Gong and finishing with a Healing Mantra Meditation.

April 1

Yoga to Transform Stress into Vitality

  • Intro on utilizing stress as a catalyst to activate and create vitality + tuning into the healing power of our voice vibrations
  • Intro on utilizing stress as a catalyst to activate and create vitality + tuning into the healing power of our voice vibrations
  • Total body warmups that can be used daily to bring flexibility to the spine and stretch all the major muscles.
  • Series of 3-minute power practices to transform energy
  • Kundalini Meditation for Stress & Fear to Reset Your Brain’s Electromagnetic Field
  • Symphonic Gong relaxation to integrate physical exercise and completely relax

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