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Kundalini Yoga & the Art of Pilgrimage: A Road to the Awakened Heart

A Retreat Experience on Sacred Land in Sedona, AZ

Much of our healing and spiritual development involves opening the supreme intelligence of the heart to renew our bond with the circle of Creation and refresh our understanding of our own spiritual energy. New relationships and agreements with the world result from this process that will manifest auspiciously in our families, careers, security and overall spiritual and personal wellness.

This special offering is aimed at cultivating expanded heart-awareness and offering tools and means for self-healing, personal vision and deepening our authentic presence through internal and external elemental awareness.

We will engage in community prayer, meditation and kundalini yoga practice at sacred sites as we bond with the unique spirit of Sedona’s powerful land.

We will embrace the confluence of Vedic/Ayurvedic traditions with those of indigenous Red Road spiritual practice. Akal Simran will offer various teachings, personal guidance and direct instruction in a group setting—with individual attention to each participant.

The physical and spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga will guide you on a transformational experience of self-discovery and empowerment through pranayama, asanas, and meditation.

This retreat is designed for both beginning and experienced practitioners of Kundalini Yoga and no prior experience with indigenous spirituality is needed.

Our four days will also be filled with traditional indigenous song & drum as well as mantra from Vedic traditions. We will be visited by a Hopi lineage holder from Second Mesa, Arizona who will share the Hopi understanding of the necessity of awakened human heart, as well as sharing stories from the Hopi Creation myth and prophecy.

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