Exercise for Kapha Dosha

Using Ayurveda as a tool to support natural healing and overall well-being can help your mind, body, and spirit work together to make you feel the best you possibly can. By altering your routines and habits based on your dominant dosha, you can take steps to ensure that the physical activity you take part in is beneficial and balancing for you. First, what is Kapha dosha?

Kapha Dosha

The Kapha dosha is composed of earth and water elements and is the energy of structure and hydration. Kapha is in charge of holding things together within the body and providing water, moisture, and lubrication to support the function of body parts and the success of bodily processes.

Those with Kapha as their primary dosha tend to be loving, understanding, stable, and calm. When Kapha becomes imbalanced, you may become lethargic and sluggish or you may experience greed, envy, or unhealthy attachment. The Kapha dosha is usually associated with slow movements, a lower metabolism, and a tendency to put on excess weight easily. 

Due to these common characteristics, it is important for Kapha types to get out and move their bodies every day to counteract these qualities and maintain equilibrium.

Exercising for Kapha Dosha

Since people that are Kapha dominant tend to be sturdy, strong, and steady, they are well-fit for sports that require large amounts of endurance and stamina. It may be more difficult for Kapha to get themselves up and moving than it is for the other doshas, but once they surpass the mental blocks, they can remain active for a long time. Since Kaphas have the highest endurance of all three doshas, they do well with aerobic activities like long-distance running, dancing, rowing, and high movement team sports.

“[Kaphas] need more vigorous exercise – cardio and weights with a focus on flexibility … to keep the body lean and agile.”

It would be preferable for a Kapha dominant person to sweat every single day. Kaphas should take advantage of their high endurance and give themselves a boost in metabolism by taking part in:

Kaphas may be attracted to laid-back sports such as golf but should try to favor higher movement activities in order to get their blood pumping and break a sweat. The most important thing for Kapha types is to actually get up and be active. Brisk walks and bike rides are simple activities, to begin with that still get your heart rate up and allow you to exercise your muscles.

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