Exercise for Pitta Dosha

When you look at your health and wellbeing through the lens of the natural, holistic system of healing that is Ayurveda, you may find that your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony like never before. By altering your routines and habits based on your dominant dosha, you can take steps to ensure that the physical activity you take part in is beneficial and balancing for you. First, what is Pitta dosha?

Pitta Dosha

The Pitta dosha is composed of fire and water elements and is the energy of metabolism. Pitta governs things that require metabolic activity or are associated with transformation like digestion, body temperature, and absorption.

Known for being tenacious and having a strong will, Pitta promotes understanding, intelligence, and the formation of great ideas when in balance. When out of balance or in excess, Pitta types may become irritated, angry, or short-tempered. The Pitta dosha is usually associated with hot, reactive attributes, so those with an abundance of Pitta may want to avoid hot climates and try to be active during the cooler parts of the day in order to prevent the overheating of the body and mind.

Exercising for Pitta Dosha

Since people that are Pitta dominant tend to have a strong determination and a lot of drive, they usually find physical activity easier than the Vata or Kapha doshas. Pitta types have an affinity for action and a desire to participate in challenging and competitive sports such as skiing, tennis, and rock climbing. They should be careful not to over-exert themselves or get too impassioned, but can generally enjoy a wide range of exercises.

“ [Pitta types] benefit from staying active with all types of activity! A mix is best.”

  • Dr. Taz Bhatia, MD

In order to balance the competitive, reactive nature of Pitta, going on calming walks and keeping stress to a minimum when exercising is helpful. The goal is to satisfy the need for competition and provide yourself with gratifying challenges but to still have fun and keep your spirit light. If you are a Pitta type that wants to keep cool and enjoy your exercise, you may want to participate in:

  • Winter sports
  • Swimming
  • High energy team sports such as basketball or volleyball
  • Self-competitive sports like mountain biking, sprinting and climbing

Those with dominant Pitta dosha may want to avoid:

  • Hot yoga
  • Intense competitions in which your temper is tested
  • Exercising for long periods of time in the heat or the sun
  • Incredibly high endurance activities such as long-distance running

Balancing high-energy, challenging, and competitive forms of exercise with cooling, lighthearted activities will help control the fire of Pitta. It is important to know your limits and stay within them as much as possible. Try to find a cool-down activity after intense exercise such as swimming in cool water or going on a slow, relaxing walk.

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