Essential Resources for Pregnancy, Labor and the Childbearing Years

Essential Resources for Pregnancy, Labor and the Childbearing Years


A complete online course to support Mother, Partner and Baby through the transitions of pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum.

Whether you are choosing to birth at home, in a birthing center or at the hospital, this course provides you access to essential resources to be prepared and informed for your birthing process including:

  • Physiology & Anatomy of Birth
  • Pre-natal Care & Movement Essentials
  • Real Food for a Healthy Pregnancy – Nutrition Hacks
  • Phases & Stages of Labor: What to Expect and Comfort Measures
  • Delivering Baby & Placenta
  • Medical Interventions in Labor & Delivery
  • Moving through Pain, Fear and the Medicalization of Birth
  • The Baby During Birth & Postpartum
  • Physiological & Emotional Changes Postpartum
  • Breastfeeding Bliss

The Nervous System Health Check

Everything your body does is connected in some way to your nervous system.  It tells your heart to beat. It tells your lungs to breathe. It controls your senses, memories, the way you move, the words you say, and how you think and learn.  Tell us your health goals to access our free guide on proven exercises to maintain optimal nervous system health and start living your best life today.

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