Jenna Lee Prince – Yoga Consultations

Jenna Lee Prince – Yoga Consultations

From SoulCycle to teaching group fitness classes with Bodyrok, Studiomix, Equinox, RYDE and Orange Theory Fitness, Jenna enjoys motivating people to open their hearts, connect with their own love and then spread that love to the World. She enjoys helping people get healthier, fitter and become more consciously aware of everyday beauties we experience in life.

Jenna is the creator of Tuned & Toned – a lifestyle program customized for your body, with three holistic components to keep you feeling radiant, magnetic, and high vibing from the inside out. 

Consult online with Jenna to design a diet, daily routine and/or spiritual practice tailored to your goals.

Increase energy, focus, clarity and clear brain fog.  If you experience low energy levels, depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, anger, or are using substances (prescribed pharmaceuticals, alcohol, etc.) there is support for you to alleviate symptoms you may be experiencing and cultivate more energy and vitality naturally.

The Nervous System Health Check

Everything your body does is connected in some way to your nervous system.  It tells your heart to beat. It tells your lungs to breathe. It controls your senses, memories, the way you move, the words you say, and how you think and learn.  Tell us your health goals to access our free guide on proven exercises to maintain optimal nervous system health and start living your best life today.

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