Fearless Birth: Activate your Innate, Instinctual Wisdom

A Hybrid Coaching Course to Activate your Innate, Instinctual Birthing Wisdom

Join us in this interactive online 6 Module Video Course merging Prenatal Yoga with ancestral wisdom to enhance connection with your baby, understand your birthing body, and cultivate a sacred space for a fearless birth journey.

Master the Steps to Easeful Birth:

  1. Know Your Body & Baby: 
    Attune to the rhythm of your evolving body, forge a deep connection with your baby's heartbeat and movements, and unearth profound insights into pelvic physiology for labor bliss.

  2. Know your Plant Allies:
    Learn to harness the nurturing essence of plants, integrating nature's abundant resources into your prenatal care to become a fearless medicine woman attuned to your body's needs.
  3. Know your Environment:
    Create a pregnancy and birthing environment that resonates with your natural instincts, fostering the brain wave states of consciousness essential for an easeful, instinctual birth journey.

  4. Wise Woman Mentorship:
    At the heart of your journey are exclusive group coaching sessions with the Fearless Birth Mamas Community. These sessions are your opportunity for personalized support and deep insights, ensuring you feel empowered, informed, and ready for the journey of channeling your inner Mother force on birth day.  If you cannot join us for the exact day of our live online circles, you'll receive a personal 1:1 integration session with Birth Doula Melissa Akal.

What's Included:

  • 6 Self-Paced Video Modules: Dive deep into birthing empowerment at your own rhythm.
  • Interactive Live Group Coaching Sessions: Your safe space for questions, guidance, and support.
  • Trimester-Specific Prenatal Yoga: Tailored practices to enhance your comfort and connection.
  • Birthing Day Meditations & Invocations: Spiritual tools for a transformative birthing experience.
  • Nutritional Guidance for Each Trimester: Essential tips to nourish both you and your growing baby.
  • Bonus: Personalized Belly Mapping Tutorial

"Are we ready to trust that there is a delicious way to give birth that better supports this baby’s life? This is a stepping stone into that new paradigm of birth. Instead of being birthed into pain, what if a baby were born into rushes of bliss?"

- Sunni Karll, Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity

What People Are Saying:

Melissa Akal's empowering and intuitive approach, especially in her transformative yoga sessions, has been priceless. I highly recommend her to any expectant mama seeking a guiding light.

Shea A.

Working with Melissa as a prenatal yoga coach gave me a sense of control over my body and my pregnancy as well as a sense of well-being knowing that I was setting the groundwork for a healthy baby and a happy delivery- which was later the case! Our partner yoga sessions in our home strengthened my bond with my husband preparing us to become co-caregivers by renewing the foundation of our love for each other through physical and emotional exercises... so that both myself and my husband felt natural in this new experience and our new roles.

Jessica M.

$444.00 USD

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