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From high-intensity cardio to body sculpting and strength training—get access to over 600 workouts, step-by-step program guides and meal plans here:  Beachbody On Demand

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Our Instructors will Help you Find the Best Path to:

  • Achieve and Maintain a Fit and Healthy Physique
  • Enhance your Digestion and Metabolism
  •  Boost Your Immune System and Energy Levels
  • Train for Specific Competitions ie: Marathons and Triathlons

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Course Library Resources ~ Running Programs

Holisitic training for optimal strength

5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon Training Plans

Endurance training for races includes a personalized plan achieving your distance based on our Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Program models.

Cross-Training & Weights

Strengthen your running foundation with key cross training moves to build muscle in your key power centers and reduce the risk of injury or over training.

Run with the Experts

Our coaches have experience racing every distance from
5K ~ Ultra Marathon utilizing the plan structures and nutrition programs in the UFH Course Library.  Your membership includes a free consultation to personalize any training plan you aspire to.  Begin your trial to book a session today.

Running Programs

Train with a personal running coach

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Personal Training Consultations

Fitness Conditioning, Strength Training, Endurance Race Training

Simple Solutions for Busy People. No Gym necessary. Discover your personalized fitness plan with our certified trainers to target any goal and experience how at-home fitness can transform you.
From high-intensity cardio to body sculpting and strength training, our trainers are ready to help you get started with access to over 600 guided workouts, step-by-step program guides and meal plans.

In addition to our online library of proven, time-efficient training programs we incorporate highly effective plans for triathletes, runners and endurance athletes.


During your session, our certified consultants will listen to your story and review your health profile to identify any imbalances in your body and recommend the incremental action steps to maintain your health and vitality. We will work with you to develop a personalized program for achieving optimal wellness based on your specific goals.
Typical timeframe for achieving results are explained by our trainers in each of the 21 day, 60 day or 80 day programs.
4 Session Package recommended (can be spread out over any length of time).

Please note if you would like special attention to training for specific race events including 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Triathlon, or other endurance events.

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