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I have been introduced to Kundalini Yoga earlier this year through Melissa's classes and it's been such an uplifting experience. It's a spiritual practice that focuses on the breath and challenging the body, ending with chanting and meditation, and a chance to connect with other women. I come out feeling rejuvenated, healed, and in peace with myself and my circumstances. Highly recommend it for those seeking a deeper connection with yoga practice and an opportunity for authentic connections with uplifting women.


I am so blessed to have met Melissa at a Kundalini Yoga class in Monterey, California. Melissa embodies the rare combination of a truly gentle spirit with a powerful, warrior-like soul. She genuinely cares for all those around her. She creates a space for women to gather to share the healing energy of Kundalini yoga as well as a safe circle to connect with each other. Even as Melissa has relocated to Oregon, she continues to provide virtual New Moon and Full Moon workshops that are attended by people Melissa has influenced from every place she has been! Her workshops include breath work, targeted kriyas, sound healing, and guided meditations. In each Kundalini workshop, I always know I am going to learn new information from Melissa about how specific movements, breath, and sound can boost my vitality and support my own journey of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Laura S

My husband and I are so grateful for all Melissa did to help us to prepare for the natural birth that we were able to successfully achieve. We really believe it is due to all of our pre-labor preparations and yoga with her.

Emily & Brad

I've had to pleasure to attend Melissa's inspiring physical and virtual Kundalini yoga practices for almost a year. Her thoughtfully curated yoga practices are cultivated with such care, they consequently truly empower us to deepen our own practice and thrive. I continue to show up again and again, looking forward to Melissa's insight and transforming into a better person with her support and guidance.


I couldn't be more grateful that the universe brought our Doula Melissa into our path. She's helped me open new doors to self-love and being a wealth of inspiration and empowerment for me on my pregnancy journey and beyond.”

Rebecca H.


Working with Melissa as a prenatal yoga coach gave me a sense of control over my body and my pregnancy as well as a sense of well-being knowing that I was setting the groundwork for a healthy baby and a happy delivery- which was later the case! Our partner yoga sessions in our home strengthened my bond with my husband preparing us to become co-caregivers by renewing the foundation of our love for each other through physical and emotional exercises. The worksheets and exercise routines I practiced with Melissa made the movements, sounds, and process of giving birth more banal and commonplace so that both myself and my husband felt natural in this new experience and our new roles. My husband definitely attributes my ability to go through childbirth with strength and calm - as he would say, “like a rockstar” and to follow our birthing plan to minimize medical interventions. Take control of this beautiful moment in your life and do yourself, your partner, and your baby a huge favor by employing Melissa’s services!


Melissa is a natural-born teacher of yoga and wellbeing. Her light and warmth illuminate all those she comes in contact with. I've been so blessed to have her as my teacher."

Allison B.


Melissa is a wealth of knowledge on all things health, wellness, fitness, pregnancy, and birth-related. I am impressed by how she draws from so many different modalities to offer suggestions that ended up making all the difference for me. I now have so much more energy and vitality to get through each day, which is invaluable to me! Her excitement for her work is infectious! it has both inspired and motivated me in many areas of my life, including my purpose and business. Melissa is passionate about helping mothers prepare for birth with all the tools they will need for a successful home birth. She loves educating women about their bodies, what to expect, and empowering them to be the ones in control of their care decisions. When I become pregnant, I want Mellissa to be my doula! I recommend her to my closest friends, knowing they are in the very best hands.


It is a joy to be around Melissa. She is truly a shining light in the world. She is committed to her own personal journey and is able to hold space for deep connection and healing. Her training is exceptional and she lives what she teaches!


I have had the pleasure of attending Yoga classes taught by Melissa Schurger. She is an amazing teacher and instructs the class with skill and grace. Her class was for all levels and she made it easy for everyone to grasp. I loved the way she infused the spiritual principles for the day. A beautiful yoga practice with a great teacher!

Melanie A.

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