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Unlock the ancient wisdom within your blood and bones, guiding you to natural birthing perfection.

There's a wealth of knowledge waiting when you align with Nature's design. Explore your innate wholeness and delve into the shamanic wisdom of childbirth to awaken your inner strength.


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I'm Melissa Akal

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Free your birth, heal your body, heal the earth.

As a Holistic Birth Doula and Prenatal Yoga Teacher, I am deeply connected to the shamanic wisdom of our innate, instinctual design; the vital force behind healing ourselves, our children, and the Earth. My own journey of birthing for the first time in my 40s, choosing an undisturbed home birth and catching my perfectly healthy baby in my arms, serves as a living testament to the potency of this powerful path.

I am wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting women in manifesting their ideal birth and nurturing their dream child, guiding them through this transformative journey of human experience.


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Our baby’s highest birth will take our willingness, and the absolute strength of intention...are we ready to trust that there is a delicious way to give birth that better supports this baby’s life

..goal is to honor and protect a baby’s energetic excellence, so that each is “well-born,” and a pristine newborn is received. This is a stepping stone into that new paradigm of birth. Instead of being birthed into pain, what if a baby were born into rushes of bliss?

- Sunni Karll, Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity