Releasing Birth Fears

Mastering Connection with Your Body and Baby

Transform birth-related fears into empowering wisdom, allowing doubts to serve as a catalyst for acquiring insight on your mothering journey. Discover how to completely trust the birthing process, supported by the time-honored guidance passed down through generations, and access ancient wisdom to empower you to birth as nature intended, free from fear.

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Know Yourself

Attune to the rhythm of your evolving body, forge a deep connection with your baby's heartbeat and movements, and master the art of effective labor exercises. Unearth profound insights into pelvic physiology, guided by trimester-specific yoga and meditations designed to lead you toward a harmonious birthing journey.

Know your Nature Allies

Learn to build relationship with the nurturing essence of plants, integrating nature's abundant resources into your prenatal care to become a fearless medicine woman attuned to your body's needs.

Know your Environment 

Create a pregnancy and birthing environment that resonates with your natural instincts, fostering the brain wave states of consciousness essential for an easeful, instinctual birth journey.

 I see you, Love,
embracing birth as your divine right, ready to harness the power and grace our ancestors knew well.


You can trust in your body, your instincts, to guide you effortlessly.


Believe in your strength—I'm here, supporting you every step.



Dear Expectant Mama (and Partner or Birthkeeper),

You're embarking on a profound voyage... birthing a new life can bring a multitude of fears to the surface, from worries about miscarriage to doubts about providing the right nutrition for your baby, concerns about their growth and development, to the apprehension about the physical act of childbirth itself!

Navigating these fears can feel like traversing an expansive, mysterious ocean. Yet, amidst this sea of uncertainties, a powerful essence dwells within you—your inner birthing goddess, beckoning you to rely on your innate wisdom.

Remember, you're not on this journey alone. The Divine Mother, Mother Earth, always has your back. And we have created a supportive community to help you remember that, ready to assist you in embodying your perfect birthing instincts. Let this circle of wom(b)en guide you towards your most profound wisdom. Our private online community offers a safe haven where trust and intuition flourish.






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